A short Sale occurs when a negotiation is entered into with the Homeowner's Mortgage Company(ies) to  ACCEPT LESS than the full balance of the loan at closing.

Do I have to have my home Approved by the lender prior to offering it for sale as a short sale?No. There is no such thing as a short sale approval. The actual approval only happens with an accepted offer.

I just missed a payment and I know I will miss more how long does the foreclosure process take and is there time to do a short sale?The foreclosure process takes differing times depending on your state. . In Florida it can take  9+ months. Generally speaking a well priced short sale being processed by an educated short sale listing agent will sell and close in less than 100 days.

Will I still have to pay property taxes if I do a short sale?Property taxes will always have to be paid as part of any accepted short sale. Whether its you or the lender, it depends on their policies and the specific agreement you reach while negotiating the short sale.

I owe more than my home is worth and I cant make the payment. Do I have to somehow qualify for a short sale?If someone cant make their payment and they are otherwise insolvent, they qualify for a short sale. Note: insolvent simply means their total debts are great than their assets.

Do I have to pay income taxes will I get a 1099? Will the loss the bank takes be treated as a taxable gain to me the seller?Consult your Tax Attorney or Qualified CPA. Very recently the tax law was modified and now most people who do a short sale will have no taxes due